Who are Asia Properties?

Asia Properties are a Thai-Anglo based in Thailand since 1999. For the first fourteen years, we served as purely real estate business helping customers buy, sell and rent property in Thailand. Since 2013, due to other business commitments, we have been working towards opening Asia Properties as a purely Property and Real Estate Multi Listing System for the whole of the Asian region.

It's very easy.

  • Step 1 - Register the type of membership you want and subscribe.
  • Step 2 - Within 24 hours you will be added to our Multi Listing System and receive a confirmation email.
  • Step 3 - Login and add your properties

We have different memberships depending on your business.

For private sellers selling one property, it is only $5 per month and for a private sellers Gold Account, it is $10 per month - See more here

For property developers account it is only $39.99 per month and for a property developer Platinum account it is $59.99 per month - See more here

For a real estate agent the cost is a only $39.99 per month or for a Platinum account it is $59.99 per month.  - See more here

We offer other real estate marketing services such as making and editing simple Property Video Presentations to help market properties. Prices start as little as $50 per 1 minute video. More details can be found here.

All customer enquiries are sent via our server direct to the email address you register. It is them upto you to make the enquiry into a customer. We have no involvement in any customer enquiry. If  a customer contacts us asking us to find them a property, we will match them with our premium members in terms of location.

We expect all members to act professionally. If we receive a complaint about a member and their dealings, we reserve the right to remove them from our system immediately.

The owners of Asia Properties have expertise in online marketing and real estate. We therefore made a business decision to combine these talents to provide a rounded service to customers. By promoting the Asia Properties brand, we are also promoting your properties to potential buyers. It really is that simple!

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