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online marketing fro real estate in asia

You have properties to sell or rent and want to do it yourself? This is for you!


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online marketing fro real estate in asia

Are you a property agent and want an extra hand for marketing? This is for you!.


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online marketing for real estate in asia

Are you a property developer? No matter if you are a small or big developer, this is for you!


Online Marketing

online marketing fro real estate in asia

Our expertise over the last 10 years in real estate and online marketing brought together for you.


Property Videos

real estate property marketing asia

Simple but effective property videos will help you sell your properties, more of the time.



classified ads for property and real estate

Find or promote your property services with Asia Properties. It's free to add today.<



real estate property listing asia

So, now you here here, what do Asia Properties do is what you are asking I guess

We at Asia Properties have decided to pull all our years experience, expertise and wisdom to help generate customers for you and your real estate business! Indeed we have.

Ken who is our marketing guru has over 20 years international business experience including UK & Europe Financial Services, Property Investment and Real Estate and Online Marketing guru to SME businesses in Asia.

David is our networking guru and has 30+ years of international experience as a Chartered Accountant, professional net worker and Business Developer.

That's a lot of experience for you to call on ..... Come and join and be part of Asia Properties.


So, what is Online Marketing? This is where we pull together our experience along with you our customers and together we can generate a lot of interest from property buyers who enquire on the Asia Properties website. "onlineLike it or not but most of your new customers and existing customers, will be searching the internet looking for their next property. It's what people do these days and it's what we do to put them in front of you.

Asia Properties have nearly 20 years of experience in the property and business markets of Asia and Thailand. In addition, we are experts in providing online marketing services and strategies to businesses. This means your properties and your business will receive and extra pair of business hands to help you - without the additional costs. Asia Properties also encourage you to submit editorials on the website to promote your business, property news and interesting real estate. This service is free and is included in your Asia Properties MLS Membership.

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You really think a property video will make a difference? Well, you only need to look and see that YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine on the internet - behind Google.

What does that mean for you? It means that people use YouTube - YouTube is an internet video library - to view things. It means that buyers use videos to help them make decisions about which company to use. 

Asia Properties can put together a simple but effective property video presentations to help market your properties. These extra pieces of online marketing have been proven to provide an extra push to generate enquiries from potential buyers. A simple one minute property video presentation can be used by your at any time for any purpose anywhere on the net. These are only $50 per video presentation. For bulk property videos, and existing members we offer excellent discounts.

Next Step - Contact Us: Please ask us for more details about Property Videos.

Asia Properties can help you promote your business and company with our classified ads services. If your business has any relation to property and real estate then please feel free to contact Asia Properties and we will help you promote this.

If you have a property business or associated business with real estate or property, we can help! Legal companies, Removal Companies, Property Developers, Real Estate Agents, Can you help people fix easy problems in their home?, Property Maintenance, Decorations and everything else. If this is you, we can help you.

It's very easy and extremely cost effective!

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The Asia Properties MLS can out you in touch with buyers. Simply list your properties with Asia Properties and all enquiries generated for your properties, go straight to you to deal with. No commissions for us. If your clients see a property through our network members, simply contact the member and arrange between yourselves.

Membership of Asia Properties MLS starts at only $39.99 per month for real estate agents and property developers. For private property owners is only from $5 per month.

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The Asia Properties MLS can also put your property investors in touch with tenants and property renters. Simply upload your properties for rent and all enquiries will go direct to you. No commissions for us. You can also share properties with MLS members. Membership of Asia Properties MLS is $20 per month/ $200 per year for property developers and estate agents. For private property sales is $20 per annum per property.

Next Step - Join Asia Properties MLS Today: Property Developer - Real Estate Agent - Private Seller

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